" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

Bleeding Gums Murphy!!

Oh my gosh, because yes, what we needed was a Daniel Danger-style take on Springfield. This is amazing.


My favorite BioShock 2 review


sometimes i think about how portal was a game with no male characters, featuring a WOC protagonist and an excellent female antagonist who were both anything but sexualised, and yet somehow still managed to create an interesting and engaging experience for female and male gamers alike, win awards, and get a sequel, and then i look at people who say “games with female protagonists don’t sell” and i laugh. for a very long time.

Ori and the Blind Forest E3 2014 Trailer

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  • literally every artist: please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E
  • hello!! i really liked you design for the cry's pants thing and i was wondering if i could use it as a background for another blog uvu

    Heck yeah!

    You can definitely use it as a blog background - it would be really nice of you if you could put credit somewhere as well, but I’m super happy you like it. Thank you! :D

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this, I usually answer privately, but just in case anyone else was wondering, it’s A-OK with me. <3 

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    feel free to unfollow if you:


    • don’t like me
    • liked me at one point, but don’t like me anymore
    • hate what i post
    • hate what i have to say about xyz topic
    • find me annoying
    • don’t have anything in common with me anymore, and are bored by the things i post
    • feel obligated by whatever personal reason you may have to keep following me, even if literally any of those above things apply

    this applies to mutuals as well. your dash should be your happy place, so no hard feelings and i wish you the best in life


    i started burial at sea part 2 and it’s even prettier

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    trying to draw something really embarrassing like



    when ur running down the stairs with no bra on


    Also! I just want to say thanks to everyone about the really nice feedback on my loser pants tiling pattern, you guys are the best. <3

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